“Whimsical” Garden Collection

Nature gives me joy and laughter, in addition to a sense of great peace. I often smile or giggle when I see various creations in the the garden, or the behavior of the creatures exploring. In this collection, I am celebrating the fanciful. The collection will build as I play more with enamel paints and fun ideas. You will see that I am also creating some of these dishes in one layer (3 mm) of glass, rather than two. The dishes are a lighter weight if made with a single layer. Given that, the single layer dishes will also tend to reflect a lower price point, as the glass itself is a major cost in production.

Feel free to email me at janie@glasspassions.com, if you would like to order custom color combinations. You can send me your ideas if you have a design or palette in mind, as my studio if filled with possibilities!