Fused Glass Art by Janie Yakovlevitch

I began my love of glass in the early 1990’s when a flameworker caught my eye in a bead shop.  I started taking any and all classes from various artists in  Seattle, originally creating Glasspassions as an expression of that art form, making beads, bottle stoppers, lamp finials, and jewelry.

Glass Bead






Bottle Stoppers
Lamp Finials

Although I continue to do my tabletop torch work, selling my work on Etsy as Glasspassions, I eventually was introduced to fused glass, and down the rabbit hole I went.  Thanks to my dear friend Claire Barnett from Seattle Mosaic Arts, I was charged with becoming the “fusing director” at the studio where I spent so much of my time exercising my mosaic muscles.  Did I mention I love doing mosaics also?  I digress…

Lets talk about fused glass. Fused glass is created primarily outside the kiln, then worked into its final rendition through single or multiple firings within the kiln, where the artist must understand the science, but leave open to chance, a final outcome.

My work is heavily influenced by the experiential encounters of what is happening around me.  I love my garden! It is an ongoing source of wonder in its constant evolution.  The plants, the birds, the bees, and my darling hens offer a world of inspiration.

I also love the sea, and spend as much time snorkeling and scuba diving as vacation allows, so sometimes just it is simply the colors I see in the coral that rock my world, and sometimes it is the actual animal that dictates the outcome of my work.