Fused Glass

My fused glass has been fired in designs of Nature influences, whether they be abstracted or taken directly from the shapes and colors in my garden and surroundings.  Custom orders are always welcome in order to design the shapes, sizes and colors to add to the beauty of your home or for a special gift. Visit the Product Catalog to view current stock and pricing.  Contact me at glasspassions@frontier.com

Lampworked Glass

My lampworked glass art (flameworked) began over 20 years ago after seeing a demonstration if a bead store.  It started me down a path that led to a great appreciation of the endless possibilities glass offers.  In lampworking, I am very influenced by ethnic patterns I see in fabrics, colors in the garden, patterns of feathers in birds, shapes and textures of rocks and coral reefs. I like the bumpy beads for their dimensionality, and the smooth ones for their calling to be touched.  From jewelry, to bottle stoppers, cabinet knobs and lamp finials, lampworking makes it all possible. Custom orders are welcome, as are requests for pieces available in my collection.


Glasspassions Art

I have lived in Seattle since 1991, having worked several years as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.  During that time, I committed to learning about and refining my glass art.  I have been fortunate enough to have become part of the family of Seattle Mosaic Arts (seattlemosaicarts.com), where I help with public and private commissions, teach glass fusing glasses, and work on my own mosaic and fused glass art (yes, I also do large scale mosaic work, see my site at janieyakovlevitchdesigns.com) Now retired from working as a nurse practitioner, I spend most of my time working on my art and collaborating with other artists.

If you are interested in ordering Glasspassions fused glass or flameworked art, please feel free to contact me at janie@glasspassions.com.  See the Product Catalog for available art and pricing. Custom orders welcome.