Fused Glass Dishes/Display Art in Nature

Fused glass is a process whereby sheets of specialized glass are manipulated in the kiln to create a new piece of glass. Frequently, at least a few steps are involved in order to create the new piece.  For example, in many of my pieces, I cut glass to create a decoration, such as a butterfly.  It is fired separate from the base piece of the dish. In the second firing, the decoration is fired onto the base glass, often at a lower temperature so that the decoration is left in relief.  The third firing is done to “slump” the piece into the mold to provide the curve of the dish. Each process has to be done at different temperatures, and at each stage the glass must be “annealed” (held at about 900 degrees F) to stabilize the glass. Watch my posts on fusing for process insights. Below are samples of the shapes of fused glass I create.  The following photos depict some of my works in the garden and home from which they were inspired. Designs can be customized, so that matching or coordinated pieces are possible for all shapes of dishes. See my catalog for photos, colors, sizing and prices for retail purchase.

Customized sizes and styles can be ordered by contacting me  at Janie@glasspassions.com. Wholesale pricing and ordering are welcome to qualified galleries and stores.

12 x 12 inch Fused Glass Butterfly Plate
8 x 8 inch Hyacinth P;ate
6 x 6 inch Daffodil Plate
Heart Swirl Bowls
8 x 8 x 2 inches
5 Inch Hummingbird Bowl

4 inch coaster/dishes with sandblasted dragonflies

12 x 12, 8 x 8, 6 x6 Red Glass with Butterfly, Echinacea, African Daisies
Nested 12, 8, and 6 inch dishes
5 inch Blue Bird Bowl
small plates
3 and 3 1/2 Inch Small Plates
3 and 3 1/2 inch dishes as votive holders
Tangerine/Transparent Yellow/Carnelian Bowl and Plate

These 3 plates are a flower medley on olive green glass, with the patterns left in relief.

12 x 12 Green Variegated Pink Bloom
6 x6 Olive green with with Flowers

Channel Plates (long, narrow plates) make great dishes for crackers and snacks, as well as holding jewelry and trinkets.  My husband uses his along with two 4 x 4 inch dishes to hold his cuff links and tie tabs on his dresser.  They work well with other sized dishes such as the 3 x 3’s, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2, and 4 x 4 inch plates.  Sets can be created custom in the sizes and colors that appeal to you.

8 x 8 Ivory Plate with Red Flowers
6 x 6 Ivory Hydrangea Plate

Sometimes I like to work in animal patterns for a more abstract, funky and fun look.  These dishes range from 4-5 inches square.  As you can see in the third photo below, the 5 inch square plates have a transparent colored rim instead of a solid.  So many options!

13 x 4 inch Red Iridized Zebra Channel Plate
Zebra Channel Plate
13 x 4 inch Black Glass Zebra Channel Plate
4 x 4 inch Red Leopard Dishes

5 inch Square Zebra Print Plates with Transparent Color rims
5 inch round Flicker bowls