Fused Glass Sconces/Vases

I create these art glass pieces in multiple steps. After fusing 2 layers of glass in a circle, with perhaps some initial decoration with frits or stringers, I frequently add a second layer of decoration such as birds or flowers, that have been cut out and fired separately. Finally, a third firing is done to “fold” the glass over a form, to obtain the fluted shape. This requires keeping a close eye on the process to avoid over melting the glass.

Fused sconce/vase
Garden Vase/Sconce

I always make a matched set so that they can be used as candle sconces.  Just place a votive inside the sconce, in its own glass container (not directly on the glass).  I have handcrafted black metal sconces for sale that are made for me by a local blacksmith artist.  I charge for these at my cost, and mounting hardware is included. See Product Catalog for available art, or contact me at Glasspassions@frontier.com to custom make a piece for you.  Colors and designs are nearly endless.


Small Candle Sconce