“Flora & Fauna” Collection

In this gallery I focus on fused art dishes that reflect the beauty of the garden and the creatures that reside there. There are multiple steps involved in creating the piece, which in its final firing has a design left in relief. These dishes are 6mm in thickness, in addition to the surface design that is in relief.

I use Bullseye Glass, manufactured in Oregon. Their quality and color range is good enough to eat! I always love making my field trips to Bullseye to shop, take classes, and get inspired.

These square dishes come in 12 x 12, 8 x 8, and 6 x6 inch sizes, and nest well into each other. These dishes are food safe. I am always happy to create designs for you as a custom order. Sizes can be adjusted up to the 12 inch square. Feel free to contact me at Janie@glasspassions.com

The slideshow below reflects a variety of my work, while the galleries below list prices and are attached to a shopping cart.

12 x 12 Inch Plates

8 x 8 Inch Plates

6 x 6 Inch Plates

The next gallery will be growing in the near future. These are channel plates, measuring 13 x 3 1/2 inches. The following image is sandblasted after an initial firing, using a hand drawn stencil that is carved into a masking product, protecting the glass from the sandblasting. After sandblasting, I back fill the blasted area with enamel and re fire the piece. These channel plates are great for a series of votives, jewelry, and food such as cheese and/or crackers.

Sandblasted Channel Plates

In this next gallery, I call “Birdie Bowls,” I have a collection of 5 inch round bottom bowls that are 2 layers of glass (6mm) with a bird design, made entirely with ground glass, called frit. I also pull thin stringers of glass on my torch, to add elements such as feathering or beaks. I either go directly from a photo, or I make a little water color first to work from. I will happily make a bowl for you, custom with a drawing, painting, or photo of yours.

Birdie Bowls

Finally, here I have my fused glass vases/candle sconces. I start with 2 layers of 11 inch round glass. These are fused into one piece, then I add my design elements, using frit and/or previously fused hand painted pieces of glass that I have cut out on a saw. These are fused onto the piece at a lower temperature to remain in relief. A third fusing is then done at an even lower temperature, to shape the glass. Hand crafted metal sconces are available for purchase (with hardware) to convert these to candle wall sconces.